Business Security and Alarm Monitoring

Design a business security system that will secure your business needs

Business Security System

We Provide alarm monitoring for business alarm systems and well known security camera system in Auckland and on the North Shore. We also install fire alarm, wireless security cameras and retail shop CCTV camera surveillance systems.

The modern business, wages war against would be thieves on many fronts. Your business has to be constantly aware of opportunistic shoplifters, professional burglars and internally from your own staff.  Your competitors are also looking to take advantage of any weaknesses in security to steal intellectual property and valuable customer information so its vitally important that you are prepared for this onslaught.

We design security solution to cover all your business weaknesses. We provide CCTV camera and IP camera surveillance system in office and retail space.  These can be integrate into your existing security system to give you added protection. We also Install proximity card readers for access control door and gate security to protect valuable information and equipment. If you need a 24 hr solution we can offer 24/7 alarm monitoring option.

It’s a known fact that the presence of a Business alarm system and CCTV surveillance is an immediate deterrent for opportunistic shoplifters and burglars. For the more professional thieves, the modern day burglar alarms are sophisticated and cleverly designed. Alarm systems diagnostics alert you to alarm cable tampering and sensor faults. You also have the option of silent or noise alarms warnings of approaching danger rather than immanent and present danger. Alarm systems are able to be custom designed to integrated into your exiting Security System. Finally you can choose to incorporates dedicate 24 hr surveillance and alarm monitoring services.


Advantages Modern Business Alarm Systems

Although the modern alarm system is complex in its design and offers a wide range of functionality and programmability. They are design with the business owner in mind and with easy to operate computer access and mobile applications, zone segmentation, diagnostics and intelligent self management.

The sophisticated design and intelligent operations means that your alarm system is constantly running self diagnostics, warning of impending failure before it fails. Alerting the business owner or alarm monitoring command center so that alarm repairs, are scheduled and acted upon  to avoid any weakness in the system.

The modern security systems are capable of a number of integrated operations like, CCTV camera, IP camera, Fire alarm and Smoke detection, access control and conventional anti theft operations.

Alarm systems like cars need regular checks and maintenance due to age, weather conditions, nature and wear in high traffic areas. We can customize a maintenance and alarm repair service that fits your business needs and budget.


Important questions to ask when getting a quote or upgrading your business alarm system

Does this system come with a warranty – read it through carefully and make sure you understand everything

Does your insurance company approve of the alarm system, brand and installer

Can I add more security sensor points to the system at a later date as my business grows

Is the alarm system a reputable brand supported by maintenance and backup support

Will there be signage to alert intruder of the presence of an alarm

If you decide not to have alarm monitoring can you choose that option at a later date

How upgradable is the security system.



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