IP Camera

The advances in new IP camera security technology have meant that camera surveillance is an absolute must have in order to properly protect and manage your business operations.

The older analog CCTV video cameras are now being replaced by the new IP camera (internet protocol) system. Other advances in camera technology include resolution and zoom capabilities that provide better image quality and night vision capabilities that have enable surveillance footage to achieve higher criminal conviction rates as opposed to the older CCTV technology that provided unclear grainy images that were hard to decipher.

The positive advance in security camera surveillance technology mean that cameras can now receive and transmit audio on a single network cable. The option of having wireless security cameras means that cameras can now be positioned and mounted in areas not previously possible, plugging vulnerable areas.

Camera security data can now be encrypted to operational standards required for your industry. A big advantage is that camera surveillance can now be centralized global or regionally as well as alarm monitoring from anywhere, on any number of portable and fixed devices from computer desktops to mobile phones.

There are a number of technical advantage that are not mentioned due to their degree of technical complexity, if you need more information please contact our technical team and they will be only to willing to answer any of your technical question on brands and operations.


The POSITIVE impact of IP camera install for your business

Retail business stock shrinkage

For every retail business stock shrinkage through shoplifting and staff theft is of major concern. Ask any business owner and they will confirm that this area is where most of the profits are lost, having extra security cameras to watch, both hidden cameras and visible can deter would be shoplifters from targeting your store and prevent staff from assisting shoplifters in thefts.

Cash register and pay point CCTV camera monitoring

Cash and payment points are one of the areas in a retail business that need constant monitoring as they provide the biggest temptation for thieves and staff. These areas are the busiest points in the store and thieves are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways of stealing and defrauding customers.

Very often it is your own staff that are stealing from you or assisting thieves to shoplift. It must also be pointed out that payment points are managed and operated by a number of staff. Getting and proving guilt is important as you do not want to accuse the wrong person as this will be bad for moral and you could lose valuable staff due to rumor or false accusations if these points are not monitored correctly

Intelligent security monitoring increases productivity

Advances in IP camera technology and internet connectivity makes the use of surveillance camera technology a must have not a nice to have. The advantage of having a fully monitored business way outweighs the cost of a good IP camera system. If a security system is properly and professional tailored to a businesses current and future growth the it will pay dividends within the first year of installation. The saving are not only in preventing stock shrinkage and business break ins but an increase in productivity and better business operations with increases in efficient service and customer service as well as cost control and resource management.



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