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A valuable resource that everyone in New Zealand needs to view is a website here you will find helpful information on how to prepare for emergencies and natural disasters like Earthquake, Storms, Flood, Tsunami, Volcano and Landslides. The scout motto BE PREPARED is what comes to mind and it is in your best interests and that of your family that you are prepared at all times. It may be some time before help can get to you so having the basic survival tools and information is important. Have a look and take action.


The positive advantages of investing in a security system

Businesses success is in it profit margin, for some businesses that profit margin could be just cents in the dollar and protecting it from outside thieves and your own staff is a constant battle made easier with a total security system designed specifically for your business and its operation.

A well installed, designed and manage security system that is visual and monitored will deter would be burglars from choosing to target your business or retail store. Protecting your profits is what will keep you in business and keep your staff employed. It is a well known fact that staff who work at a company that have a trusted security system feel safer and confident when at work knowing that they are well protected and that the business care and wants to insure it stays in business.

Shoplifting is on the rise and for any retail business it’s not if it will happen to you but when, It’s an almost certainty that your business will be targeted on a daily bases by professional thieves and opportunistic thugs that will prey on your vulnerabilities and take advantage of any weaknesses that they may find in your security system. So while you may not be able to catch them all, a well designed and professionally installed system can save you thousands of dollars every month.

The realities are that sooner or latter you will have to face the unenviable task of catching your own staff stealing, either through product pilfering or cash out of the till. When you suspect that this is happening you need to be sure of your facts as a misplaced accusation may land you in hot water and with unclear evidence you may not be able to get a conviction and thus the person gets away with your profits.

A well placed security system not only deters would be criminals but also serves to protect your staff from armed robberies and personal assaults. Staff can get on with their job knowing that they are protected and safe from any danger or criminal elements in the area. Staff also feel secure that their personal belongings, cars handbags and computer equipment is protected and safe while at work or on site.

A controversial but necessary aspect of security surveillance systems, CCTV Cameras and IP Camera, is to keep a watchful eye on staff for a multitude of reasons, proper access control ensures that inventory is kept safe, dangerous and hazardous materials are kept secure and safely stored and company secrets and product patents are kept safe from those who would want to steal this valuable information that may lead to your business going out of business and employees losing their jobs.

A big part of security, surveillance and access control is the need to protect your customers vital information from hi tech and low tech thieves who want to profit from this information. Would be customers and clients trust that as a professional business you take security and the security of the possessions and personal information seriously.

One very obvious reason for having a well installed alarm system is that your insurance premiums will be lower if you can prove that you take securing your business, staff and customers seriously.

So in conclusion every business is unique with its own set of challenges and weaknesses and thus it is vital that you have a well designed security system tailored to your needs.

Security Holiday checklist for your Home

Going on holiday can be both relaxing and stressful having to leave your home unprotected. Most people don’t realise that they make it very obvious that you have gone away on holiday especially in the school holiday periods and Christmas seasons. We have come up with a quick security checklist that you can use to check that you are not broadcasting your absence to would be thieves.

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Be careful not to publicise that you will be going away, when you are going and when you come back should not be for general discussion.

Talk to your neighbours and ask if they can watch the house while you are away. Make sure that they have your contact details and those of your immediate family should they have to alert you to water leaks, fire or the unfortunate burglary

If you have an alarm system that is unmonitored make sure that your neighbours have a key and pin to disarm it should it be accidentally activated. Thieves have been known to setoff home and business alarms on purpose just to see if anyone will react.

If you have a great neighbour or friend that is willing to come in each day and open and close curtains, switch light on and off,  that is ideal, make sure that you reward them when you get back.

Make sure the home looks lived in buy getting someone to:
Cut the grass
Water some plants
Move the car
Bring in the mail

Don’t leave tools and items outside that could be used to break into your house. Make sure all gardening tools are locked away.

If you don’t have a neighbor that can turn lights on and off at night then purchase some light switch timers that you can set to turn lights on and off as if you were home.

A power saving tip would be to turn off your hot water cylinder while you are away.

Unplug all electrical devices that don’t need to be on

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